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Before contacting me, please kindly note that:

  • I run private tours, please note that I don't provide public tours which mingle different groups.

  • I'm not a travel agent, unfortunately I am not very familiar with hotels, flight, theme parks, car rentals, bars or shopping places.

  • Please kindly contact me earlier, I may not be able to take a tour that is requested too late.

  • Please note that I don't bargain or provide discounts for private tours.

Booking process:

1.Please make sure that you have read the price list & refund policy. If you are looking for tour arrangement suggestion please find this page.

2. Please then fill in the booking form and tell me what you like.

3. It the tour date is available, I will then provide a Paypal invoice for confirmation of a tour date.

4. Do note that the tours are only confirmed by full Paypal prepayment on first come first serve basis. Paypal does accept credit card payment.

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