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Tour price & refund policy


Do I need to pay for tour price in advance?

Yes, for regular private tour I require prepayment by Paypal in HKD.


What is your refund policy?

Please note that full prepayment is required to confirm a tour. I setup this payment system as a way to make sure guests are committed and organized. (Or otherwise we could be wasting each other's time...)

Before confirming a tour, please kindly double check to make sure that you're available for the day and the tour date is correct. This is very very important.

If you wish to cancel a tour, please notify me by email to confirm. If a reservation is cancelled, there will be 100% refund.

Can I reschedule the tour if I need to change my travel schedule?
It depends on my schedule. If I am busy I may not be able to reschedule a tour for you.

Are the food & transportation expenses included in the tour fee?
Food and transportation expenses are not included in private tour price. For a city walk tour/ Lantau Island day tour, transportation expenses should be minimal. Food expenses is about 40-120 HKD per person depending on length & type of tour.


What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept payment via Paypal. You don't need a Paypal account for payment.




Do you cancel your walking tours if it rains?
My walking tours take place rain or shine. Rain will not deter me from showing you some great Hong Kong gems - just bring an umbrella or rain coat. However, tours will be automatically cancelled in the event of a Typhoon signal No.8 or above, or if a Red or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued. In such instances, I will notify you in the morning at 7am by email before the tour and offer refunds.

What should I wear or bring for the walking tour?
Wear comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing. Also bring a camera, as there will be plenty of photo opportunities.


Tour arrangement


Is there a detailed tour itinerary that you can provide?

Tour itineraries are flexible. However you can check this page for more information.

What is the maximum group size of a tour?

I don't set a limit on it. Best private tour group size should be 4 adults or less as some streets in the older part of the city is narrow. It's harder to have good conversation too if group size is too large.


What will be the mode of transportation?

I only travel by public transportation in Hong Kong during the tour, as this is best way for you to travel in a local way. Again, I want to avoid the typical caravan tour experience that separate you form locals. Do note that most people here do not drive at all.


Where will we meet? Do you offer pickup/ drop-off service for private tour?

Yes, I offer pickup/ drop-off service at hotel for private tour. If you do not need it, we can meet directly at subway stations.


What kind of tour themes can I choose in the private tour?

Feel free to suggest themes that you like when you are booking a tour, the most popular tour themes are history, culture, food & nature, however I don't provide gallery and nightlife tour as I am no expert on it.

Do you arrange night tour or full day tour?

No, I arrange day tour from 9am to 6pm only.

Layover/ last minute tours

Do you provide layover tours?

Yes. But do note that it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to travel from the airport to the city. Do make sure you have enough time to travel to/ from the city and airport.

I do not stay in a hotel, where should we meet?

I usually meet layover travelers at Kowloon/ Hong Kong Airport Express station. I don't suggest travelers to meet me directly at airport as it would take up a lot of tour time (there is also surcharge for airport pickup/ drop-off too as it is far away from the city). It is pretty easy to use Airport Express too.

Do you accept last minute booking?

Yes, but still I strongly suggest you to book with me earlier if it is possible, as my schedule may become full in peak season if you contact me in last minute.

Children & Seniors

Are the tours suitable for children & seniors? Are the walks strenuous?

I am flexible for tours with seniors. However, do note that Hong Kong is a 'walk city', some part of Hong Kong Island is relatively more hilly too. You do need some walk to see the hidden gems in the city. Do consider about this point before booking a walking tour.

My tours are designed for adults, as it cover a lot on history, culture or even local affairs, which may not be suitable for children.


I have dietary restrictions due to religion/ food allergy. Can you avoid restaurants that are not suitable for me in the private tour?

Yes this is very a good question, a lot of food in Cantonese cuisine may not be suitable for some travelers due to religious reasons or health reasons, please mention specifically about your dietary restrictions while you are filling in the booking form of a private tour.

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Children and elderly
Layover/ last minute tours
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